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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Instant Doctor Consultation

    Instant Doctor Consultation

    Q 1. How can I get this service ?

    Reply : You can get this service through Online chat using our portal www.euorhealth.com after visiting the section of “Doctors Opinion Services” . In case you are not using computer or smartphone & want to get our service , then you can call our call centre by dialing 1800-5-321-555(TOLL FREE) and ask for doctor . Our customer care executive will connect you to the available doctor through chat or call .

    Q 2. Is this service chargeable ?

    Reply : Yes the service is chargeable . Per consultation with general physician we charge Rs.100/- only & consultation with specialist doctor with a prior appointment will be charged Rs.200/- only .

    Q 3. Is this Service round the Clock ?

    Reply : No , Initially after launching we are providing this service for 12 hours a day . from 8:00 A.M. till 8:00 P.M. ,but soon we have plan to cater our clients 24 X 7 .

    Q 4. As a Non Member can we avail the Service ?

    Reply : No, you have to register with us as a member . You can call our customer care No. i.e. 1800-5-321-555(TOLL FREE) or log into our website & place your request . Our marketing team will contact you and fulfil all formalities .

  • Doctor’s Appointment Services

    Doctor’s Appointment Services

    Q 1. As a non member can we avail the service ?

    Reply : No, you have to register with us as a member . You can call our customer care No. i.e. 1800-5-321-555(TOLL FREE) or log into our website & place your request . Our marketing team will contact you and fulfill all formalities .

    Q 2. Is this service chargeable ?

    Reply : Yes the service is chargeable @ Rs. 50/- per confirmed appointment . Which you can pay online through our portal or even you can request to deduct the amount from your EUOR Card .

    Q 3. Shall we get appointment as per our preference ?

    Reply : We are trying our best to match your preferred date and time, but it depends on the scheduled doctor and his / her availability on the particular date & time .

    Q 4. If I don’t know the speciality , How do I choose doctor ?

    Reply : You have option here to search your required doctor by giving your problem or medical Issue . Our system will suggest you the speciality and doctors available .

  • Physiotherapy Services

    Physiotherapy Services

    Q 1. Are we getting trained physiotherapy professional?

    Reply : Yes , all physiotherapists are well qualified , experienced and trained . Our renowned service providers have good team of BPT , DPT and trained therapists .

    Q 2. How much it costs ?

    Reply : In physiotherapy cost will depend on the actual diagnosis and the treatment . So, it’s different case to case basis .

    Q 3. What will be the response time after placing request ?

    Reply : After placing request our qualified therapist will visit within max. 24 hrs. To diagnose and give prescription .

    Q 4. In case any machine required , are you providing machines too ?

    Reply : Yes , Our service providers have full fledged set up and you will get all details about machines we used from our website in physiotherapy section .

  • Rehabilitation, post surgical care and elderly care

    Rehabilitation, post surgical care and elderly care

    Q 1. How do I get rehabilitation or post surgical care ?

    Reply : Simply visit our website , go to rehabilitation section and send us your request . Our customer care executive will attend you within max. 1 hrs. Time with proper solution . Our service providers are renowned & have full fledged set up .We provide these care at your home through our service providers trained professional paramedical staff .

    Q 2. What do you mean by elderly care ?

    Reply : Elderly care here we mean that we undertake total care of elderly persons at their home , We provide them paramedical escorts hourly basis . We maintain their medicine routine , health check up routine along with daily other routines . We assure you total care with a brand value . For more details you can visit the page or call our call centre .

  • Diagnostics services

    Diagnostics services

    Q 1. Can we get home service for USG or X ray ?

    Reply : Yes you can get home service for X ray & USG in case you need , but have to book services at least 24 hrs. ago . Our service providers trained professionals will visit your home and do all tests .

    Q 2. Within How many days we will get report ?

    Reply : Blood reports we deliver same day , you can get benefit of getting report through mail or SMS as well . Other diagnostic reports depends case to case basis .

    Q 3. How do you rate your Diagnostic Services ?

    Reply : You are getting services from a renowned branded portal which is a part of one of the fast growing Eastern India’s Multinational Company . Moreover , our all service providers are NABL accredited and they themselves are renowned brand in their field . So, we rate our services are one of the best and most convenient in the city .

  • Preventive Health Care

    Preventive Health Care

    Q 1. What do you mean by preventive health care ?

    Reply : In this section we provide variety of solution to prevent you & your family from diseases . This section is most popular among health conscious people . Who wants enjoy life with preventive care .

    Q 2. What do you provide in this section ?

    Reply : We are offering many preventive health packages for yoga , meditation and exercises . Also we have different combination of medical and non medical preventive measures .

    Q 3. What will be the validity of these packages ?

    Reply : These packages are valid from 3 months to 1 year depend on the particular package .

  • Memberships


    Q 1. Is there any eligibility to get membership ?

    Reply : No , there are no such strict criteria to get membership .

    Q 2. How do I get membership ?

    Reply : Please visit our website or call our helpline no. And send us request . Our representative will meet you within 24 Hrs. and discuss your membership .

    Q 3. Is there any membership fees ?

    Reply : Right now you can be a EUOR Member by paying only Rs.199/- one time per member in a family .

    Q 4. Is there any regular subscription or hidden charges other than membership one time fees ?

    Reply : No , currently there are no such subscription to be a EUOR member . Also there are no hidden charges other than Rs.199/- for the card . Apart from this you have to pay only the charges for individual services to our service providers / EUOR on actual basis .



    Q 1. What are the benefits of EUOR card ?

    Reply : We have made EUOR card very dynamic and easy to use . Our members can get many benefits through EUOR card . You can get details about card facilities in our website “Why EUOR? “ Section .

    Q 2. When I can get EUOR card ?

    Reply : When you take membership of EUOR , EUOR card will come with your membership kit

    Q 3. To get all benefits of membership is it mandatory to carry EUOR card ?

    Reply : With our robust technology we are giving this freedom to our valued members . Our members can get all benefits even if they are not carrying the card , but in that case they must remember their unique membership ID & carry their registered mobile .

    Q 4. Does EUOR card contains member’s data ?

    Reply : Yes EUOR card will contain member’s data .

  • Payment Procedures

    Payment Procedures

    Q 1. Is there any facility of online payment through EUOR website ?

    Reply : Yes , this is an E-Commerce portal . So , our valued members can use online payment .

    Q 2. What are the options in online payment from EUOR portal ?

    Reply : You can make payment through net banking / IMPS / Credit card / Debit card with your ease and choice of bank .

    Q 3. If my payment deducted from my account and it is not reflected in your site due to network failure or any other reason . What will EUOR do then ?

    Reply : We have refund & cancellation policy given in our portal . Request you to please read our refund policy & cancellation policy .


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