6 Lifestyle Choices That Could Be Very Harmful For Women In The...

6 Lifestyle Choices That Could Be Very Harmful For Women In The Long Run

Our health is a reflection of our choices – our lifestyle choices. Now everyone is more likely to talk about practices like smoking, consuming too much alcohol or red meat. But there are things that we do every day, that are slowly but steadily causing much damage to our health. These are not dangers that you will see coming from miles away, but ones that will crop up on you suddenly.

On International Women’s Day, let us look at the effects of some of these lifestyle practices that are a result of societal conventions of women always looking the best versions of themselves; we urge all women to put their health first by slowly habituating themselves out of these practices, to ensure that they lead longer and fuller lives.

High Heels 

  • Bone and nerve damage
  • Uneven pressure distribution leading to damage of delicate toe bones
  • Stiffness of Achilles tendons, causing your calves to bunch up
  • Extra stress to inner side of knees, leading to osteoarthritis
  • Puts stress on the back and knees because the weight of the body shifts forward for balance. Sore lower back due to unnatural posture and poor alignment.

Corsets/ Shapewear

  • Squishes lungs and ribs leading to rib damage.
  • Organs sometimes get dislocated under the pressure
  • Redness and chafing of skin
  • Indigestion, difficulty to breathe

Padded Undergarment

  • Increases the risk of cancer from bra under-wires.
  • The bra lifts the breast tissue which can lead to tumour formation.
  • Restriction of lymph fluid leads to lumps and cysts
  • Reduces melatonin in the body which directly affects sleep habits and immunity system
  • Reduced circulation

(Really) Skinny Jeans

  • Can result in nerve damage due to nerve compression.
  • Numbness, digestive issues


  • Infections
  • Swelling, rashes

Heavy Handbags

  • Unnatural pressure to one side of your body
  • Bone bruises
  • Back and neck problems
  • Poor posture

There are some illnesses that we still can’t just avoid, but we should definitely take more conscious steps towards keep some diseases at bay, ones that are just are result of our poor lifestyle choices.

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