Tips For Healthy Summer Skin Care

Tips For Healthy Summer Skin Care

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skin care in summer

Summer in India, characterized by scorching heat and menacing humidity, make it really tough to maintain a beautiful glowing skin. But, then again if you are organized and smart you can certainly flaunt your radiant complexion even in the torrid summer heat. Here are some tips to keep your skin glowing and healthy in summer.

1. Drink plenty of water

drink water

The scorching weather tends to draw away the needed moisture from your body and hence you must take steps to compensate for the water loss. The acne or pimples which are the usual menaces accompanying summer- are mostly caused from a dry heated up body. Thus, you have to keep your body cool and hydrated- Drink minimum 8 glasses of water every day.

2. Protect yourself from sun

skin protection from sun

Everybody is busy today and hence it’s not possible to stay inside the house during daytime. But you can certainly arrange for sun protection while you go out. Do not forget using sunscreen lotions. If these lotions are too oily, sunscreen face powders are available as well. Use umbrella as well.

3. Clean face daily

face cleaning

Though often ignored yet this is one of the most basic tips for healthy summer skin care. You must clean your face daily- twice at least. One is after you get up in the morning and the other one is while you get back home in the evening or when you retire to bed at night. Daily cleaning do not allow the dirt and oil to sit on your face which further prevents chances of acne or pimples.

4. Avoid aerated drinks

Avoid aerated drinks

Stop taking to aerated drinks as is usual with most of the people on a hot day. But you must understand that the aerated drinks are stuffed with sugar which is neither good for the skin nor your figure. Moreover, the aerated drinks never really quench your thirst & you keep on asking for more. You should instead focus on medium cool water or lime juice or aam panna or coconut water.

5. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol

caffeine and alcohol

You should limit your intake of caffeine & alcohol during the summer months as both of them tend to draw out lots of water from your system.

6. Avoid spicy stuffs

avoid spicy food

You must avoid spicy food as much as possible in summer, especially in daytime, as these heat up the body that further leads to the unsightly pimples.

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