How To Encourage Your Children To Be Physically Active

How To Encourage Your Children To Be Physically Active

Children tend to active from an early age but the common problem of obesity, especially in the older kids, prevent them from physical activities. This is a serious situation as physical inaction only abets overweight problems and a number of other concerns like lack of confidence, concentration & even poor academic marks. As per the children fitness tips shared by experts, you must encourage your kids for physical activities for a healthy body, better social adaptability & a sharp mind. The article here focuses on how to encourage your children to be physically active.

Start early

You must inculcate the habit of physical activities from an early age in your kid. Too much of concentration on video games & cartoon soaps have led to couch-potato syndrome from toddler age today- which should be discouraged. Take your kids to parks where they can run free and make friends with other children for more fun & games.

Involve yourself

Your kids will love to see their parents or other elders in the family getting involved with them in the physical activities. Modern society is characterized by nuclear families with single child and the kids tend to suffer from lack of friends. This can also de-motivate them from taking to physical activities as most of such activities demand at least one partner. If you can take some time out to play with the kid, he will be happy to respond readily.

Age-appropriate activities

Every physical activity is not suitable for all ages. For example- the pre-schoolers are not so comfortable with organized sports as they often can’t follow the complex rules. They should be engaged in simple activities like ball throw, running, cycling on toddler bikes etc. As your kid crosses 5/6 years of age, you can introduce him to the world of organized sports such basketball, football, cricket, badminton, tennis etc.

Register him into sports club

As your kid starts growing, it would be great if you can admit him into a sports club or institution. Such an affiliation would be really encouraging for him as he would be able to make new friends and enjoy sports with peers.

Don’t overdo

Your kid cannot learn everything. So, don’t overdo with the physical activities as it might interfere with his studies and health. Too much involvement in multiple sport clubs would lead to unnecessary exhaustion and deprive him of a normal quality life.


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