Pregnancy & Parenting

Have both of you decided to start a family of late? It could be that both of you have settled down in your respective careers and now it’s the perfect time to welcome your bundle of joy in the house. That’s amazing, but the would-be-mom should be careful about certain things before she conceives to ensure a healthy & safe pregnancy. Here are the tips that you would follow when you are planning prepare for pregnancy.

1.     Visit you gynecologist

When you are planning to get pregnant, you must make sure to visit your gynecologist for a thorough check-up. The doctor will tell you that how much your body is ready to conceive and what are the changes required in your lifestyle. You will be informed on the medications & vaccinations as well as a proper diet to be followed for a strong, safe and fit body.

2.      Check oral health

You must know that unhealthy gum can lead to premature or malnourished baby. Thus, you should maintain healthy gums and start practicing oral hygiene religiously to assure healthy pregnancy. You must visit your dentist to fix any oral problem you might have, immediately.

3.      Stop drinking & smoking

While smoking & drinking are strictly not allowed when one has conceived but you should start giving up on them when you are trying for pregnancy as well. Alcohol and tobacco ruin the body making it less safe for the little one as you conceive. In fact, excessive drinking & smoking might raise the miscarriage risks. The good part is that if you try to quit smoking & drinking from now, you won’t be suffering from the cravings as you conceive.

4.      Cut down on caffeine

You must make sure to cut down on caffeine as well when you are planning to get pregnant. You must not consume more than two cups coffee a day. It’s because excessive coffee on a regular basis makes it difficult to conceive.

5.       Healthy diet

Healthy diet is a must when you are planning to conceive soon. Cut down on junk intake & focus more on lean protein, whole grains, leafy vegetables & fruits. Healthy diet as you are planning to conceive, eliminates risks of diabetes during pregnancy.

6.        Shed excess weight

Obesity during pregnancy leads to several health issues like preeclampsia and gestational diabetes hence you must check your weight from now- obviously it won’t be smart to lose weight once you conceive.

7.        Exercise

Akin to healthy eating exercise is a must, even if you are not obese. Exercise helps in proper blood circulation that further ensures proper channelization of vitamins & nutrients throu8ghout the body.

8.        Check mental health

You cannot expect a healthy fertility if you are not healthy mentally. Thus, if you are feeling depressed, stressed or unhappy lately, don’t hesitate to talk to a counselor.

9.        Ovulation calendar

Use online ovulation calendar to identify your fertile days.

10.      Adieu to birth-control pill

Bid goodbye to your contraception pill.

Exercises are important for pregnant women in most of the cases. According to experts, most of the pregnant moms can go for a thirty minutes of exercise (moderate) session daily, unless there is one complication or medical condition- that does not allow work-out. Swimming is really good and so are stretching and walking. The post here offers a brief on why to exercise during pregnancy.

Energy boost

Exercises during pregnancy work as a fantastic energy booster. Pregnancy tends to sap out energy but exercises helps to compensate here for you. Work-out strengthens the cardio-vascular system & hence you won’t tire out fast. When your muscles and toned & strong, you would less effort for any activity and hence you would be less tired.

Lessens pregnancy discomfort

This is a very important advantage of taking to exercises while you are pregnant. Regular workout strengthens & stretches the muscles that help body to cope-up better with pains & aches common with pregnancy. The stretches would ease back pain while walking betters blood circulation.

Better sleep

When you are carrying additional weight, it becomes tough to find comfortable sleeping posture. Exercises are handy here as these work off the excess energy, leaving you tired enough to retire into a restful sleep.

Fights pregnancy constipation

Pregnant women often suffer from constipation and a moderate exercise session daily would help to ease bowel movements. It’s because active bowel results from active body- when you are into regular exercise, your blood circulation improves and so the function of every organ in the body- that helps in better digestion & smooth bowel movement.

Better preparation for childbirth

Childbirth demands lots of stamina and energy- exercises during pregnancy prepares the mother’s body well to withstand the high-decibel pain during labor. It is said that pregnancy work-out sessions ease the labor & shorten time taken for delivery.

Healthy babies

According to experts, the would-be-moms who exercise while pregnant, give birth to babies with healthy weights. Such babies are better capable to withstand the delivery stress & shows faster recovered from birth stress as well.

Postpartum recovery

This is another point when it comes to exercises during pregnancy. More you are fit during pregnancy, faster you would recover physically post childbirth & fitter you would be post delivery. Thus, if you want get fast into the pre-pregnancy jeans, make sure to follow a regular exercise routine when you conceive.


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