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Health Concerns in Rainy Season

Monsoon is the season of excitement, fun and greenery environment. However, the season also invites a number of health problems which is very difficult to be dealt with such illness. You should take proper precautions to avoid such health problems peeping into your body. Kids need extra care during this season to stay healthy.

The rainy season is prevalent with a host of infections and most seasons are related to respiratory infections, food and water borne diseases that must be taken care of. Cough, cold and flu are common problems of this season that attacks the children faster due to the fluctuating temperature. Students, office goers and moms’ of little kids, needs to maintain a proper healthy diet and hygiene to avoid falling sick this season.

When the rain starts pouring in, you first look for a shelter and try to save yourself from getting drenched. However, a shelter can save you from getting wet in the rain, but it will not protect you from catching any kind of infection. This is especially when your immune system is very weak.

7 Common Illness Caused During Rainy Season

  • Dengue
  • Cold
  • Flu
  • Food infection
  • Water infection
  • Cholera
  • Leptospirosos is caused by bacteria that can be carried either by a man or some animal. Its severe form can damage kidney, liver, meningitis and respiratory failure.

7 Precautions During Rainy Season

  • Keep Rain Gear With you Always – The most effective thing that you can do is to keep your rain gear always ready when you go out in the rainy season. A raincoat with hooded jacket and waterproof shoes are the best items.
  • Vitamin C – Increasing the intake of Vitamin C either in natural form or as food supplement will help you drive away the cold virus faster. It is still a matter of debate among doctors whether Vitamin C is cure for cold. However, a healthy supply of this vitamin will activate your antibodies and reduce the severity of cold, undoubtedly.
  • Shower After Being Caught in Rain – Although it sounds very unusual because if you are drenched in rain, you will never want to take another shower. But taking a shower after you have been caught in the rain will protect you from many infections.
  • Hot Drinks – This is the one season when you would like to take hot drinks. After taking a good bath, dry yourself and wear dry & clean clothes. The best thing is to make a hot soup for yourself or at least drink a cup of hot milk. This will help you from catching cold or save you from catching any kind of infection that can occur due to sudden change in the temperature of the body.
  • Cleanliness – Micro-organisms are susceptible to grow in the rainy season, try to maintain hygiene around you Cleanliness is very important during rainy season. Even if you catch a cold, you should clean your hands regularly and use a sanitizer always after that.
  • Drink Plenty of Water – Water intake may reduce naturally because of the sudden drop in the temperature of the environment. It is good to drink plenty of water and do not wait to get thirsty to drink water. This will help you drain toxins from your body.
  • Watch Out your Intake – Try to eat nutritious food and avoid eating out during rainy season. Prepare meal with full precaution and maintain health and hygiene throughout the house.

It is very important to keep yourself protected during the rainy season because you can catch infection frequently. It is always better to take precautions and be prepared whenever you go out of your home.

The first rain drops after the scorching summer heat brings a lot of refreshment in the air. While we celebrate the monsoon rain we must also keep in mind that monsoon is prone to many diseases like cough and cold, typhoid and other health problems. Even bacteria tend to grow in food in this season, so, it better to avoid street food, drinks and fruits. This increases the number of doctor visits especially for the kids and aged people as they are more prone to seasonal infections.

It is often noticed that kids and elderly people love having unhealthy food stuffs. So, it is very essential to keep an eye to control such food habits. There are some effective and useful tips that will help you to stay healthy and you can maintain a healthy family.

Stay hydrated

You should drink enough water in this season to keep your body hydrated and refreshed. The humidity level tolls to inflate and you tend to sweat that prevents your body from releasing heat. It is recommended to carry a bottle in your bag as it helps to maintain the fluid balance of your body. Drink only boiled and filtered water to avoid water born diseases.

Monsoon diet

Maintaining a proper diet in this season is very important for staying healthy. When you feel hungry have your food moderately. Avoid street foods, drinks and junk snacks, instead include lots of fruits, veggies and use turmeric to cook food as it is rich in antioxidants.

Fresh food

Whenever you get vegetables from the market in this season, wash all vegetables in filtered water before consuming. Steam all leafy vegetables to kill the germs and remove the dirt. Avoid having contaminated food that is prone to illness.

Do NOT hog on street food!

Though the street snacks are very tempting like chaat, fried items, kulfis and golas but these are very harmful for your health and best to avoid. These street foods are prone to bacteria and germs as they are unprotected which may lead to diarrhea and jaundice.

Maintain hygiene

While travelling in buses and trains we come in contact with germs and bacteria that carry many diseases like styes, conjunctivitis and allergies. So, it is very important to maintain hygiene, dry your clothes properly and keep yourself clean. Always carry a hand sanitizer while travelling. Have separate towels and handkerchief; make sure that your little kid is not using the same towel and best if your kid’s towels are washed daily. Change your bed sheets at least twice a week.

Now enjoy your monsoon to the fullest. Let each rain drop make you filled with happiness. Along with all enjoyment stay healthy this monsoon!

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The rain drops seem to be a real God-gift after the sweltering summer heat. Though this brings relief by lowering the temperature but health problems raise high in this season. People suffer from cough, cold, viral fever, infections, rashes and various diseases. Females specially, suffer from hair fall at alarming rate and tend to get frizzy. Just sipping a hot coffee will give a warm feeling after you are drenched but at the same time it is very important to alter your living style with the change in season.

If you are suffering from an itchy scalp or hair fall or your lustrous locks are getting frizzy then this is the right blog that will ensure you with effective tips to reduce your worries. We have got some useful tips from our expert consultants that will help you to manage your frizzy hair and check your hair fall too.

Dry your hair properly
The monsoon may be a romantic season but this season takes away tolls of hair. This is mainly because of high humidity in the weather and the scalp turns to be oily. Fungus breeds on your scalp that leads to itchy scalp. It is important to dry your hair properly after bath or after getting drenched. You must avoid getting drenched in rain as this is harmful for your hair. Using hooded rainfall or an umbrella is highly recommended.

Use mild cleansing shampoo
Applying mild cleansing shampoos regularly are good for your hair as harsh shampoos cause damage and make your hair brittle and dull. Washing your hair two to three times a week will keep your hair clean and also check the growth of fungus on scalp, on the other hand over washing your hair will make your hair damp. Use conditioner to manage your dry and frizzy hair as this will make your hair tangle free and check hair fall.

Oil Massage
Oil massage is good to pamper your hair. Treating your hair with oil massage is very effective in this season. This will help to get rid of dandruff, mixing with oil sesame seed oil and olive oil will give good result in reducing dandruff.

Home-made hair mask and spa
It is good to apply hair mask consisting of egg white and curd will give a soft, shiny and bouncy hair. The mask should be left for 15-20 minutes for effective result and then wash off with a mild shampoo. Hair spa, once a month in this season will be beneficial.

Do not tie your hair until it is dry as this will increase hair fall. Simple loose ponytails and braids are good for this season.

These are some simple tips for your beautiful hair in this season and you can now enjoy your monsoon with no worries.

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The contemporary packed lifestyle demands an energetic approach in every sphere of life. Fatigue leads to irritation, depriving one to progress further and live life to the fullest. The doctors always suggest getting minimum 9-10 hours of sleep daily for sufficient energy. But the busy world today hardly allows a 10-hour sleep for everybody. However, you can compensate for that energy loss by cracking on some really healthy and greatly energy-boosting snacks. The post below offers a brief on top 5 snacks to boost your energy level.

1.   Nuts

A handful of nuts would be fantastic as an energy booster. The nuts are rich in nutrients, fiber and protein that pique the energy level by a great extent.


But you take to unsalted and raw nuts and don’t consume more than a handful- 1/4th of a cup a day would be sufficient. It would be good to soak the nuts in water overnight for activation- activation enhances the nutrient quotient of nuts, assuring better health & easy digestion.

2.    Dark chocolate

Much to your pleasure, dark chocolate is a great snack for an immediate energy boost. According to doctors and fitness experts, it’s okay to consume around 3.6 ounces dark chocolate everyday.

Dark chocolate

Actually, dark chocolate is rich in the flavanol anti-oxidant that helps to protect the heart. Healthier heart signifies better oxygen delivery across the body that further boosts up the energy levels.

3.    Yoghurt

Just like your daily handful of nuts, you must make sure to get your daily dose of yoghurt regularly when you are looking for a great energy boost.


You can have one small bowl of yoghurt or can add it with your salad, breakfast or a lunch or dinner curry. It’s to stress here that yoghurt is packed with calcium & probiotics & that make the body string and energetic. Probiotics assist in changes in gut microflora that ups the immunity of body. You will experience easy digestion that will help in making most of food consumed – which further helps one to fight fatigue.

4.    Eggs

The list would have stayed incomplete without the mention of eggs. You must know that eggs carry maximum complete protein & fulfills around 30 % of daily protein requirement.


Protein helps in strong muscle build-up & faster recovery post exercise sessions. When you feel strong, you feel fresh & energetic for your day ahead. According to doctors, everybody should have minimum one egg regularly- either at breakfast or lunch or tiffin or in dinner.

5.    Fruits

Fruits are also amazing as energy boosters. These are rich in healthy carbohydrates & also contain essential minerals & vitamins (A &C) that help to fight off infections- keeping you healthy & fit.


As per the doctors, everybody must have two & half cups fruit on a regular basis. Fruits such as banana or apple are fantastic energy boosters. You must have at least one banana or apple everyday.
Moreover, fruits even help to satiate your sweet cravings, thus preventing you from taking to fattening sugary treats in the market.

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weight lossMany of us are worried about over weight problems and also do not have sufficient time to attend a gym regularly. Here are 5 tips for them on how to loose weight easily:

  1. Eat breakfast: Various studies have shown that eating breakfast daily can help in losing weight. While many people think by skipping breakfast they cut calories, which is wrong. Instead breakfast skippers replace calories during lunch and dinner by mindless nibbling as they had kept themselves starved for a long period.
  2. Have fruits: Try to eat fruits at least twice a day. Fruits have no fat and are mostly water, which will make you feel full for a long time making you eat less.
  3. Get enough sleep: Sleep is very important for a person’s health and well-being. So, if you want to burn those calories off, try to get at least eight hours of sleep a night.
  4. Sit down and eat: Sit down and eat without perturbing during meal. Avoid watching TV, texting or any other distracting activity while eating as doing so can make you eat more.
  5. Identify your exercise: Try to identify an exercise that works best for you. At the same time, do not try to pick a routine that you don’t like as that would make you feel bored of it, plus you won’t be able to stick to it for long. So, stick to the one that is best for you and lose weight without hurting yourself as well as without setting that hard and fast rules.


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