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It is obvious that many people are ignorant about the timing of replacing their toothbrush. Only the people who undergo regular dental cleanings are aware about proper oral hygiene and changing their toothbrush.

Toothbrushes should be replaced every three months but, in some cases, dentists do advice to change the toothbrushes every month to ensure impeccable cleaning of teeth and gums. There are many reasons that may lead to replace old brush like it may wear out, bristles may get distorted or may be overly used and does not bestow any effective result. It is recommended that as soon as you feel that your toothbrush is diminished, it should be immediately replaced with a new one for maintaining oral hygiene. Worn out bristles may also cause damage to your gum tissues or hurt your gums.

Care for Children
The toothbrushes for children should be replaced more often than the adults. Some children have the habit of chewing the bristles so their brushes tend to wear down faster. Children even do not brush with even strokes as they are just learning or not aware about the proper methods that also results in wearing down the toothbrush.

Care for Braces
People who have braces should replace their toothbrush before three months. Braces tend to be hard on bristles and results in wearing down bristles. It is obvious that frayed, bent or broken bristles will ensure less effectiveness in maintaining oral cleanliness.
Brand and Type of the toothbrush

The toothbrush brand and type also matters for replacing it. The cheap and generic brand toothbrushes does not lasts long or perform well after using it for few days and needs to be replaced. It is true that the economy is a crucial factor that leads maximum people to dawdle behind for availing high priced branded toothbrushes and switch over to get cheap brand toothbrushes. But doing this actually does not save much as the brushes get wearied faster.

Toothbrush Cleaning

Toothbrushes are the most prone area for breeding bacteria, germs and viruses. It should be immediately replaced after being sick as germs tend to grow on the bristles while using it in sickness.
Dentists suggest that the toothbrushes should be cleaned on regular basis by soaking it in mouthwashes, hydrogen peroxide or even may microwave it and if you can bear the cost of UV sanitizing then this will be the best way of cleaning. Different varieties are available for covering toothbrushes that incorporates that are wall mounted and using caps. Using cap to cover the toothbrush also result in breeding germ by locking moisture within the cap.

Another factor that most of us are unaware is that germs may lurk even after flushing your toilets. Now you may wonder how is this possible and how is it affecting the toothbrushes? Let me clarify, every time you or any of your family members is flushing the toilet, germs tend to fly in the air. In most of the houses, the wash basins where the toothbrushes are stored are closer to the toilets. As germs fly in the air after flushing, chances are high that the germs make their way to the toothbrushes. Though, germs flying can be restricted by flushing with lids closed but never can be stopped.

It is important to take care of your teeth and gums as you intake food germs will also enter your body if oral care in not proper. So, maintain the oral hygiene and replace the toothbrush as and when required.

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Though often ignored yet oral hygiene is really vital to ensure a healthy and fit life. Daily build-up of harmful microbes & bacteria endangers your oral hygiene, affecting the gums and teeth badly. If you are careful about daily oral healthcare, you can easily keep the embarrassing problems of bleeding gums, tooth decay and bad breath at bay. Moreover, oral hygiene is linked to healthy heart and proper glucose level in the body. The post below offers expert tips on how to practice good oral hygiene.

Brush twice daily

This is a must- you must make sure to brush twice daily, especially after your dinner. You might or might not brush the teeth after you wake up and it would be good to have your first brush of the day after breakfast or brunch.

Tips on brushing

You must be careful about brushing as otherwise the process might not have much effect on improving your oral hygiene or can also damage your gums. Here are the tips to be followed-

• Brush thoroughly for 2-3 minutes.
• Move brush back & forth gently- take tooth-wide brief strokes
• Stay away from gum.
• Brush both outer & inner teeth surfaces & as well as chewing surfaces.
• Use brush tip to clean inner surface of front teeth with a mild up & down motion.
• Brush the tongue as well to remove the bacteria as well & freshen up the breath.
• Get a brush with soft bristles & smaller head to ensure easy access to the back teeth.
• The toothbrush must be changed after every 3 months.

Fluoridated toothpaste

You must go for fluoridated toothpaste here. Fluoride works to strengthen the tooth enamel & lessens the decay risks.

Daily floss

Daily floss is also required to ensure good oral health. You must follow a mild sawing motion.

Cut down on acidic drinks

You have to cut down on acidic drinks as well when you are looking for good oral hygiene. So slow down on fruit juices, cordials and soft drinks. Food acids tend to soften the tooth material & dissolve mineral in the tooth enamels, resulting in caries or cavities.

Cut down on sugary foods

You must make sure to cut down on the sugary foods as well. It’s because bacteria build-up in the dental plaque will turn sugar to acids – as mentioned earlier, the acidic touch could be dangerous for your teeth.

Mouth rinse

Mouth rinse is another vital aide for good oral hygiene. As per the dentists, one must take to frequent mouth rinse, added to regular brushing & flossing as it would enhance oral cleanliness. You must go for Antimicrobial mouth-rinses as these are designed to lessen bacteria & plaque activity that lead to gum disease and gingivitis. Fluoride based mouth-rinses are also helpful to reduce & prevent unwanted tooth decay.

Annual check up

Finally, you must make sure to visit your dentist at least once in a year.

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