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Pinched nerve can be defined as a form of damage in the nerve which interferes with the signal sent along nerve. The condition arises from swelling or too much of compression around the nerve region. Carpel tunnel issue is another major cause of pinched nerve near the wrist area. Pinched nerve near lower back or neck could result from arthritis or herniated disc. The most common symptoms indicating pinched nerve are tingling, numbness, pain & weakness in muscles around the nerve region. There are several ways to treat pinched nerve & surgery might be required in severe cases. The post below offers a brief on how to heal your pinched nerve.

Splint or brace

This is one of the most suggested ways to treat up the pinched nerve damage. You can put on a splint or brace for the affected area. It helps to alleviate chronic pain & allow healing. In case, you have experienced pinched nerve in arm region, the brace on your arm would limit muscle movement of the area, around the damaged nerve. It will assure a faster recovery & prevention of further damage.


Physiotherapy would be effective as well to treat pinched nerve. Your physiotherapist would enable you to stretch & strengthen muscles that would allow release of pressure on nerve. The physical therapy would further assist you in ergonomic & pertinent modifications that will help to facilitate the recovery procedure further.

Pain medications

Pain medications offer relief from pinched nerve situations to come extent. Medications that are anti-inflammatory non-steroidal are usually prescribed for patients suffering from pinched nerve. These medications help to lower inflammation occurred around the affected nerve. Doctors might also suggest specific pain killers that are meant for nerve-related issues.


As mentioned earlier, you might need to get surgery if the situation gets critical. If you’ve taken to all remedies mentioned above but nothing has helped, then your doctor might suggest surgery to release the pressure on nerve. In case, you are suffering from pinched nerve at your back, surgery might work to remove affected part of the herniated disc.


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