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Most of us spend hours working on computers. This strains eyes that leads to blurred vision, eyes itching and sometimes even have double vision. However, many studies reveal that there is no sign found that working on computers cause any permanent vision problems. There may be small eye problems like eyes getting tired, watery eyes or irritation that can be resolved by using computer protected glasses and along with it should also adjust the lighting of the work place, the screen brightness and maintaining a certain distance from the screen.

How will you prevent eye tiredness and discomfort?

Many times it is found that after working for long hours in front of the computer screen the eyes tend to become tired and feel discomfort. This may lead to visual problems like astigmatism or have some imbalances between the eyes which can be fixed by wearing lenses. The right lenses should be taken to ease discomfort. You may use bifocal lenses that will be adjusted for the computer screen and also for reading the bottom part if you do not need distant vision. But if distant vision is required you can use bifocal lenses with upper part must be adjusted for distance vision. In most cases glasses provide much better comfort with clear vision.

Use proper lighting

Eye strain and eye tiredness often occurs due to excess bright lights used in the interior. The ambient lighting should be half bright. Low intensity bulbs and tubes are mostly recommended along with the positioning of the computer monitor, the lights should come from the sides instead of from the front or back side. Avoiding fluorescent lights and halogen lights are safe for eyes.

Take short breaks in between

Computer eye strain can also result from constant glaring at screen and reflections from screen. Installing anti-glaring screen on monitors can bring comfort to your eyes. If you use glasses then using anti-reflective coating glasses is best to use. A five minutes break must be taken after every one hour along with moving your eyes from the screen to a far distance for 10 seconds. There are some eye drops that reduce eye dryness.

Eye exercise

You must include few eye exercises to reduce eye strain like eye rolling, palming, blinking, visual scanning and focusing. These exercises will strengthen your eye muscles and improves the productivity. This will reduce headaches and also lowers the risk of glaucoma.

Eat right to reduce eye strain

Your diet must constitute foods that enhance vision. DHA content food is best to prevent clouding of lens known as cataract and eye injury. Vitamin A rich food is most helpful like carrots, watermelon, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. DHA is found in sea fishes like salmon, herring and sardines. Lastly, you should not forget to keep yourself hydrated, drinking lots of water will avoid eye dryness and eye tiredness.

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Poor listening, though, usually common with old age yet can happen in children and young adults as well. There are varied symptoms or signs that show your kid or friend at workplace is suffering from poor listening. The post below highlights some of the major signs of poor listening.

Distraction & hypersensitivity

Those who are short of hearing can get distracted easily by the other sounds prevalent in surrounding environment. Children with weak listening might get distracted easily by ticking of a clock, humming lights, sounds ion corridor or the movements of the classmates in the same room. If a person sitting in some crowded is unable to recognize his name when called & could only realize while touched or approached- it could signify poor listening that results from weak auditory filtering. The situation can result in hypersensitivity towards everyday sounds. T6hose who suffer from such an issue might overreact to sounds from kitchen appliances, toilet flush, vacuum cleaner or children playing nearby.

Delay in information processing

This is one of the most common and natural signs of those weak listening issues. When somebody suffers from low listening problems, he won’t be able to come up with immediate response to questions or statements in conversation. It takes him sometime to fathom the question raised of statement made which delays his response effect naturally. Connected with this is the trouble of following directions. One who is short of hearing might finish just a part of task offered to him and his sloth movement might make him unable to fulfill the entire assignment on time.

Psychological & behavioral signs

Those who suffer from low listening skills usually suffer from lack of confidence & poor self-esteem. They would hesitate to go beyond comfort zone given the fear of being mocked or the incapability to process information on time. They will generally have trouble in meeting the set deadlines. It has been found that those with poor listening issues are usually disorganized, especially because of their comparatively slower movement and their efforts to compensate make the situation messy for them.

They would be usually stressed most of the times and might also have trouble in making friends 7 communicating properly in the social situations.

Poor articulation

Speech is dependent on the auditory signals and if one is short of hearing it would naturally lead to poor articulation. In children, weak listening issues can delay language developments.


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