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Diabetic - Enjoy it with these 5 Food Supplements

The thing drove you crazy before is now becoming a reason for your illness. We Indians are very fond of sweets and that make our mouth watery with no delay of its first glimpse. And I can bet, you must have peeped out and dug your refrigerator while everyone at home having a nap post lunch. Gradually you grew up and your fondness for sweets too started growing.

With growing older human body is susceptible to various health issues. 30 onward metabolism starts slowing down, diet automatically decelerates. And some day your doctor gives a shocking news that no one like to be a victim of being diabetic and now you have to control your fondness for sweets. Thinking of managing diabetes, odds are you obsessed over everything you can’t have specially your favorite sweets.

While it’s certainly important to limit food ingredients like white or refined breads and pastas, fried, fatty or processed foods, it’s just as crucial to pay attention to what you should eat. Numerous nutrition and diabetes experts singled out these power foods because they’re packed with the four healthy nutrients that include fiber, calcium and vitamin D that make up the Diabetes Diet.

These are exceptionally versatile and can be used in recipes for main meals, as add-ons to meals and even as stand-alone snacks:

  1. Dairy Products:

Dairy products are a good source of calcium and vitamin D and can be summoned to be the potent diabetes quelling combination. You can have diary food like skimmed milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese. You can replace your sugary juices and soda with skimmed milk, instead of desserts and junk snacks you can have yoghurt or cottage cheese.

  1. Fish:

If you are a fish loving person you can have tuna, salmon and other fishes that are rich in omega 3fishthat is good for diabetic patients. You can make salad and sandwiches with tuna or salmon fish, use it as snacks by piling it on whole wheat crackers or can even make burgers with streaks of grilled fishes.

  1. Broccoli, beans and spinach:

These food vegetables are high in fiber, which is appropriate for diabetes diet, contains no starch or carbohydrates.

  1. Oranges & citrus fruits:

The citrus fruits and oranges are rich in fiber and Vitamin C. This can be taken as juice and also as a whole fruit.

  1. Nuts and seeds:

Nuts and seeds are also rich in fiber and omega 3 that is very good food supplement for the diabetes patients. These can be taken as snacks, salads or also used in various recipes.

Apart from following a healthy diet, you should get a regular doctor check-up and consult your doctor for further progress of your treatment. If you are working and find difficulty in visiting a doctor, you can avail the Instant Doctor consultation. This service helps you to get doctor consultation over the phone when you need it.

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Infamous as the “silent killer” diabetes is often neglected given the easy-to-miss symptoms. The sad part is that albeit the issue affects millions of people annually yet only a minor amount are aware of their diabetic problems. Thus, it’s smarter to take note of the major diabetes symptoms and in case you or somebody near is suffering from these situations mentioned below- don’t delay a physician’s appointment.

Here are the signs of diabetes:

Excessive thirst & increased urination

These two symptoms reveal that the body is striving hard to manage the high sugar level in your blood. If you have been experiencing the urge of frequent urination, especially at night, it might indicate a high sugar level. The kidneys strike to high gear for releasing excess glucose in blood & thus you have this feeling to relieve so frequently. Excessive thirst implies that body is working to replenish the lost fluids.

Drastic weight loss

If you have been experiencing drastic weight loss without any rigorous exercise regimen or diet, it might be due to high sugar level in the blood. Excessive sugar level in blood leads to around 10-20 lbs weight loss over 2-3 months. In diabetes, insulin hormone does not get glucose to cells and your body feels it is starving. Thus, it starts to break down the protein from muscles for the needed fuel or energy boost. Your kidneys would be working overtime as well, to eliminate excess sugar. All these together result in drastic calorie loss which is reflected in sudden loss of huge weight.

Hunger pangs

This is another important symptom of diabetes. The sharp peaks & lows in sugar level in blood lead to excessive hunger pangs. As the sugar level low down, the body feels starved & craves for more glucose which is needed for proper functioning of cells.

Slow healing

Bruises, cuts and infections take an excessively longer time to heal when the sugar level gets high in blood. This is because excessive glucose traveling through arteries & veins damage blood vessels, preventing them to perform a healthy and fast healing. It becomes hard for the blood to reach out to needed body parts for a proper healing.

Fatigue & irritation

This is another classic symptom of diabetes. People with excessive sugar level in the blood, get irritated easily. When you have to hit the washroom several times in the night, it’s easy to get tired as you are being deprived of sufficient sleep. Irritation results from fatigue. As the sugar level gets down with restriction & medication, the person again gets back to his normal jolly self.

Blurry vision

Diabetes can also lead to blurry vision. If you are experiencing distorted vision, floaters or light flashes of late, it could be due to high sugar level in the blood. Blurry vision occurs due to refraction issues. When glucose gets high in blood, it alters the eye & lens shape -which in turn leads to the several optic problems discussed above.


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