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are you feeling depressed


  1. Make sure you’re getting enough rest. Sleep is the body’s way of recharging, meaning that sleep doesn’t only increase your energy – it actually boosts your mental health.
  2. Eat healthy. Invest time in learning which kinds of foods bring you “up” and which kinds bring you “down.” Committing to a diet can make you feel good about yourself, give you a sense of self-improvement, and boost your sense of accomplishment.
  3. Feel what you feel! Don’t worry about controlling or changing your feelings. For now, focus on expressing the feelings that you have rather than trying to feel a certain way.
  4. Exercise. Regularly exercising can help to cut back stress in your life, releasing pent up energy as you work your body. Exercise releases endorphins, chemicals in the brain that energize us
  5. Stay away from drugs and alcohol. When you consume cigarettes, illegal drugs, and alcohol, these drugs tamper with your mental health, decreasing mental stability and giving you “false positive” emotions
  6. Learn something new! Part of what makes us human is our tendency to challenge ourselves. Challenge yourself to learn something new- maybe a new skill, sport, or game


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