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Most of us spend hours working on computers. This strains eyes that leads to blurred vision, eyes itching and sometimes even have double vision. However, many studies reveal that there is no sign found that working on computers cause any permanent vision problems. There may be small eye problems like eyes getting tired, watery eyes or irritation that can be resolved by using computer protected glasses and along with it should also adjust the lighting of the work place, the screen brightness and maintaining a certain distance from the screen.

How will you prevent eye tiredness and discomfort?

Many times it is found that after working for long hours in front of the computer screen the eyes tend to become tired and feel discomfort. This may lead to visual problems like astigmatism or have some imbalances between the eyes which can be fixed by wearing lenses. The right lenses should be taken to ease discomfort. You may use bifocal lenses that will be adjusted for the computer screen and also for reading the bottom part if you do not need distant vision. But if distant vision is required you can use bifocal lenses with upper part must be adjusted for distance vision. In most cases glasses provide much better comfort with clear vision.

Use proper lighting

Eye strain and eye tiredness often occurs due to excess bright lights used in the interior. The ambient lighting should be half bright. Low intensity bulbs and tubes are mostly recommended along with the positioning of the computer monitor, the lights should come from the sides instead of from the front or back side. Avoiding fluorescent lights and halogen lights are safe for eyes.

Take short breaks in between

Computer eye strain can also result from constant glaring at screen and reflections from screen. Installing anti-glaring screen on monitors can bring comfort to your eyes. If you use glasses then using anti-reflective coating glasses is best to use. A five minutes break must be taken after every one hour along with moving your eyes from the screen to a far distance for 10 seconds. There are some eye drops that reduce eye dryness.

Eye exercise

You must include few eye exercises to reduce eye strain like eye rolling, palming, blinking, visual scanning and focusing. These exercises will strengthen your eye muscles and improves the productivity. This will reduce headaches and also lowers the risk of glaucoma.

Eat right to reduce eye strain

Your diet must constitute foods that enhance vision. DHA content food is best to prevent clouding of lens known as cataract and eye injury. Vitamin A rich food is most helpful like carrots, watermelon, sweet potatoes and pumpkins. DHA is found in sea fishes like salmon, herring and sardines. Lastly, you should not forget to keep yourself hydrated, drinking lots of water will avoid eye dryness and eye tiredness.

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There are many recognized spinal diseases; some are very common while others are rare. Spinal disease includes cervical spine diseases that occur in the neck vertebrae. There is huge flexibility allowed with the cervical spine and because of that, it is common for an individual to damage that area, especially after a long period of time. Some of the common cervical spine diseases include degenerative disc disease, cervical stenosis, and cervical disc herniation.

Spinal discs are round in diameter and flat on the top and bottom, and are attached securely to the vertebrae above and below them. The spinal cord is comprised of 33 vertebrae; the discs are somewhat pliant, providing shock absorption for the spine.  The stresses sustained by the spine and changes due to aging, the disc is prone to injury, which in turn can lead to lower back pain, leg pain, and other symptoms such as numbness and weakness.

What is the cause of slipped disc?

A violent injury can lead to damage a disc, but a disc also gets damaged due to ageing. The daily activities like lifting or shifting heavy things in wrong process, stretching, wrong body posture while playing games like volley ball or tennis and even fall down can injure the discs. In such situations the fibrous covering of the disc gets distorted and this leads to press on the spinal nerve. Sometimes it is seen that the disc swells, gets degenerated or even the fibrous material tears without any tangible injury or cause.

Degenerative disc disease occurs over time when the discs within each vertebra in the neck begin to fall apart and become worse as each vertebra can cause pain in different areas of the body, the pain from the disease can be sensed in the back, leg, neck area or even the arms. When the spinal canal begins to lose its gap and gets thinner, it can cause pain in the neck, which can also cause a numb feeling in the arms and hands.

Sometimes it is noticed that the disc problems accrue together with degenerative disc. This is at times severe in some people that results in collagen deficiency, this is the material that forms the cartilage. Poor muscle tone, obesity and wrong posture also strains the spine along with the ligament that holds the disc.

What are the symptoms of disc problems?

The damaged spinal disc may not always have physical symptoms, but if the disc problems directly hit the spinal nerves the following symptoms may occur:

  • There may be pin point pain at back and sometimes even in both legs. This pain may start immediately after injury or exertion or may even occur later
  • Difficulty while bending down or straightening of back along with severe pain
  • Tingling sense or numbness in arms and legs
  • Gradually develop pain in neck or lower back pain while changing from prone positions or while coughing and sneezing
  • Progressive strength loss in one or both arms and legs

A doctor consultation is necessary if the pain is severe. Neurological tests must be done to detect the right problem.

Treatment of slipped disc

Slipped disc problems are mostly found among 30-50 years age people. Women are more prone to sleep disc issue than men, in most cases this issue gets resolved within four to six weeks with little rest, exercise, medicine and physiotherapy. The treatment will depend on the severity of the pain. In this condition it is very essential to keep all organs active for better improvement and stopping normal activity due to pain may lead to major issues.

Physiotherapy for slipped disc

Physiotherapy for slipped disc is very effective, though in physiotherapy reduces the stiffness of the muscle and gradually the pain also goes away. Experienced physiotherapist suggests the right exercise to process the treatment.

Rest for pain relief

Most doctors often advice for temporary rest, encourage for physical activity and prescribes pain relief medicine. In some cases corticosteroids are given as tablets or injected around the spinal nerves as needed.


TENS is one of the best advanced treatment options that stands for Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation, the treatment is carried through TENS device applies a small electric current into critical points along the nerve path.


This is a non-surgical treatment and has significant results.


This treatment constitutes a hollow needle to remove some of the soft core of the inflamed disc and it does not impinge on the nerve. Other methods can emit the fragments of the core disc material that breaks the outer wall of the fiber.


Discectomy is a surgical method of removing a part of the herniated disc that reduces the stress on the nerve. In this method the core of the disc is removed and leaves back the outer casing of the vertebrae.

Spinal fusion

Spinal fusion is implemented for back instability to bring long term relief.


Laminectomy also involves surgery where a small portion of the vertebral bone is removed to relive pressure on the nearby spinal nerves.

Disc replacement

Disc replacement is used for artificial replacement of the damaged part. This is the advanced treatment procedure which has long term success of disc replacement.

It is always recommended to include some exercises and physical activities in daily life to keep back pain and slipped disc like issues at bay. You must always consult a doctor before consuming any pain-killer medicines.


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Diabetic - Enjoy it with these 5 Food Supplements

The thing drove you crazy before is now becoming a reason for your illness. We Indians are very fond of sweets and that make our mouth watery with no delay of its first glimpse. And I can bet, you must have peeped out and dug your refrigerator while everyone at home having a nap post lunch. Gradually you grew up and your fondness for sweets too started growing.

With growing older human body is susceptible to various health issues. 30 onward metabolism starts slowing down, diet automatically decelerates. And some day your doctor gives a shocking news that no one like to be a victim of being diabetic and now you have to control your fondness for sweets. Thinking of managing diabetes, odds are you obsessed over everything you can’t have specially your favorite sweets.

While it’s certainly important to limit food ingredients like white or refined breads and pastas, fried, fatty or processed foods, it’s just as crucial to pay attention to what you should eat. Numerous nutrition and diabetes experts singled out these power foods because they’re packed with the four healthy nutrients that include fiber, calcium and vitamin D that make up the Diabetes Diet.

These are exceptionally versatile and can be used in recipes for main meals, as add-ons to meals and even as stand-alone snacks:

  1. Dairy Products:

Dairy products are a good source of calcium and vitamin D and can be summoned to be the potent diabetes quelling combination. You can have diary food like skimmed milk, yoghurt and cottage cheese. You can replace your sugary juices and soda with skimmed milk, instead of desserts and junk snacks you can have yoghurt or cottage cheese.

  1. Fish:

If you are a fish loving person you can have tuna, salmon and other fishes that are rich in omega 3fishthat is good for diabetic patients. You can make salad and sandwiches with tuna or salmon fish, use it as snacks by piling it on whole wheat crackers or can even make burgers with streaks of grilled fishes.

  1. Broccoli, beans and spinach:

These food vegetables are high in fiber, which is appropriate for diabetes diet, contains no starch or carbohydrates.

  1. Oranges & citrus fruits:

The citrus fruits and oranges are rich in fiber and Vitamin C. This can be taken as juice and also as a whole fruit.

  1. Nuts and seeds:

Nuts and seeds are also rich in fiber and omega 3 that is very good food supplement for the diabetes patients. These can be taken as snacks, salads or also used in various recipes.

Apart from following a healthy diet, you should get a regular doctor check-up and consult your doctor for further progress of your treatment. If you are working and find difficulty in visiting a doctor, you can avail the Instant Doctor consultation. This service helps you to get doctor consultation over the phone when you need it.

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It is obvious that many people are ignorant about the timing of replacing their toothbrush. Only the people who undergo regular dental cleanings are aware about proper oral hygiene and changing their toothbrush.

Toothbrushes should be replaced every three months but, in some cases, dentists do advice to change the toothbrushes every month to ensure impeccable cleaning of teeth and gums. There are many reasons that may lead to replace old brush like it may wear out, bristles may get distorted or may be overly used and does not bestow any effective result. It is recommended that as soon as you feel that your toothbrush is diminished, it should be immediately replaced with a new one for maintaining oral hygiene. Worn out bristles may also cause damage to your gum tissues or hurt your gums.

Care for Children
The toothbrushes for children should be replaced more often than the adults. Some children have the habit of chewing the bristles so their brushes tend to wear down faster. Children even do not brush with even strokes as they are just learning or not aware about the proper methods that also results in wearing down the toothbrush.

Care for Braces
People who have braces should replace their toothbrush before three months. Braces tend to be hard on bristles and results in wearing down bristles. It is obvious that frayed, bent or broken bristles will ensure less effectiveness in maintaining oral cleanliness.
Brand and Type of the toothbrush

The toothbrush brand and type also matters for replacing it. The cheap and generic brand toothbrushes does not lasts long or perform well after using it for few days and needs to be replaced. It is true that the economy is a crucial factor that leads maximum people to dawdle behind for availing high priced branded toothbrushes and switch over to get cheap brand toothbrushes. But doing this actually does not save much as the brushes get wearied faster.

Toothbrush Cleaning

Toothbrushes are the most prone area for breeding bacteria, germs and viruses. It should be immediately replaced after being sick as germs tend to grow on the bristles while using it in sickness.
Dentists suggest that the toothbrushes should be cleaned on regular basis by soaking it in mouthwashes, hydrogen peroxide or even may microwave it and if you can bear the cost of UV sanitizing then this will be the best way of cleaning. Different varieties are available for covering toothbrushes that incorporates that are wall mounted and using caps. Using cap to cover the toothbrush also result in breeding germ by locking moisture within the cap.

Another factor that most of us are unaware is that germs may lurk even after flushing your toilets. Now you may wonder how is this possible and how is it affecting the toothbrushes? Let me clarify, every time you or any of your family members is flushing the toilet, germs tend to fly in the air. In most of the houses, the wash basins where the toothbrushes are stored are closer to the toilets. As germs fly in the air after flushing, chances are high that the germs make their way to the toothbrushes. Though, germs flying can be restricted by flushing with lids closed but never can be stopped.

It is important to take care of your teeth and gums as you intake food germs will also enter your body if oral care in not proper. So, maintain the oral hygiene and replace the toothbrush as and when required.

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skin care in summer

Summer in India, characterized by scorching heat and menacing humidity, make it really tough to maintain a beautiful glowing skin. But, then again if you are organized and smart you can certainly flaunt your radiant complexion even in the torrid summer heat. Here are some tips to keep your skin glowing and healthy in summer.

1. Drink plenty of water

drink water

The scorching weather tends to draw away the needed moisture from your body and hence you must take steps to compensate for the water loss. The acne or pimples which are the usual menaces accompanying summer- are mostly caused from a dry heated up body. Thus, you have to keep your body cool and hydrated- Drink minimum 8 glasses of water every day.

2. Protect yourself from sun

skin protection from sun

Everybody is busy today and hence it’s not possible to stay inside the house during daytime. But you can certainly arrange for sun protection while you go out. Do not forget using sunscreen lotions. If these lotions are too oily, sunscreen face powders are available as well. Use umbrella as well.

3. Clean face daily

face cleaning

Though often ignored yet this is one of the most basic tips for healthy summer skin care. You must clean your face daily- twice at least. One is after you get up in the morning and the other one is while you get back home in the evening or when you retire to bed at night. Daily cleaning do not allow the dirt and oil to sit on your face which further prevents chances of acne or pimples.

4. Avoid aerated drinks

Avoid aerated drinks

Stop taking to aerated drinks as is usual with most of the people on a hot day. But you must understand that the aerated drinks are stuffed with sugar which is neither good for the skin nor your figure. Moreover, the aerated drinks never really quench your thirst & you keep on asking for more. You should instead focus on medium cool water or lime juice or aam panna or coconut water.

5. Cut down on caffeine and alcohol

caffeine and alcohol

You should limit your intake of caffeine & alcohol during the summer months as both of them tend to draw out lots of water from your system.

6. Avoid spicy stuffs

avoid spicy food

You must avoid spicy food as much as possible in summer, especially in daytime, as these heat up the body that further leads to the unsightly pimples.

Consult with an expert doctor to know more on how to maintain natural and fresh skin this summer. Visit EUOR doctor’s consultation page and select your own doctor.

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Sagging skin is surely one of the most common concerns that worry the would-be-moms. During pregnancy, stretched skin is natural as your body strives to make place for the infant for as long as 9 months. Though sagging skin is inevitable post delivery yet proper body care since your prenatal stage could help to recover faster. It’s often the tummy & breast skin that sag given increased size & hormonal changes in times of pregnancy. It’s true that heredity plays huge role in determining your skin state post pregnancy yet a balanced diet control & exercise would be really helpful in regaining your skin elasticity after delivery. The post below offers some expert tips that will help you when you are asking how to prevent sagging after pregnancy.

Healthy diet

You must take to healthy diet all through the pregnancy period to control the weight gain issue & support the body with sufficient nutrients for you & the baby. According to doctors, the pregnant moms should gain around 25-35 lbs of weight and not more than that. When you gain weight in balance, the skin is less stressed and hence there would be lesser sagging. Your diet must be rich in antioxidants that will steer out impurities from body & would promote healthy growth of skin cell. Stay away from junk as much as possible as junk foods abet unnecessary weight gain. Focus mostly on fresh fruits and vegetables.

Post pregnancy, you must focus more and more on protein-rich diet as protein helps to strengthen your muscles. The proteins consumed would help to repair & rebuild the muscles that would tighten the skin tone further.

Stay hydrated

You must drink lots water everyday to keep the skin hydrated. Water flushes out the harmful toxins from your body & makes skin softer which enables it to fast adjust to alterations in size & shape of the body. Moreover, a well hydrated body is good both for would-be mom & the little in the womb.

Exercise regularly

You must exercise regularly both during pregnancy & after the delivery. Exercise improves blood circulation, strengthens muscle tone & allows you to get back to shape faster. You should maintain 30 minutes walking during pregnancy, swimming is even better. After your delivery, the doctors suggest taking to reverse crunches, squats & sit-ups to tighten the muscles & recover fast from sagging skin.

Finally, you can rub cocoa butter or Vitamin E enriched lotion or oil into your breasts, tummy 7 hips everyday to keep the skin supple and soft.


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