Elderly Care

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Old age is like second childhood which demands extra attention and care from the family members. With summer knocking at the door, it’s important that you get all the more careful with seniors in your family as the tropical season can be really taxing for the older people.

Don’t let them go out in noon-time

The sun is at its peak in noon-time and hence it’s better if you don’t allow the seniors to go out during the noon-time. In case, your old man has got some really urgent business outside, request him to handle the affairs early morning or in the afternoon, if possible.

Don’t let them go alone

If the old man needs to go out mid-day only, then do not let them go alone. Try to be by his side or if you are occupied, get an attendant for him. Terrible heat might up his blood pressure, leading to nausea and a sudden faint on-road. It would be terrible if the senior is alone on-road when he faints. Thus, it is wiser to send someone with him as goes out.

Umbrella & comfortable clothing

You should always send an umbrella with him as the old man goes out in day-time. In India, the sun shines bright since 8 in the morning and hence an umbrella is much handy even if the senior is going out in early morning.

You should also be concerned about his clothing as well. Make sure your old man is into light breathable cotton clothing which ensures comfort in the scorching heat outside.

Keep him hydrated

Dehydration is a common issue for older people in summer months as they often forget to take water on time. You must get a set of 3-4 water bottles for your old man so that he can have easy access to water even when one bottle finishes. Apart from water, yoghurt or lassi a day or every alternate day would be really good to keep him cool. As it’s summer, your old man would also appreciate watermelon juice.

Don’t overdo on mango

Summer in India is synonymous with mango- possibly the most delicious fruit of the world. No wonder, your old man craves for the fruit as much as you do. But his aging body would not appreciate too much of mango, leading to stomach issues. Thus, you should be very limited with mango with him. Do not offer him than a slice and that too not everyday.


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