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male libido

Albeit it’s conceived that men usually have their sex drive in top gear yet it’s not true always. The fact is that there are men who suffer from low or decreased libido. However, low libido is not the end of the world and if you can pinpoint the causes behind such a reduced sex drive, the problem could be solved conveniently. The post below discusses about the reasons behind decreased male libido.


It’s one of the reasons behind the increasing trend of low libido in contemporary young men. Chronic stress tends to interfere with the hormonal levels of the body which results in decreased sex drive in men. Stress also causes the arteries to narrow & limit blood flow, leading to ED- a major factor behind decreased sex drive in men. Besides, stress can reduce the sex drive by distracting the mind from sexual desires.


Depression is another major factor behind low libido in men. The very psychological situation alters the bio-chemistry of the body which reduces the libido as well. According to clinical psychologists, it becomes tougher to have any sexual urge when one is depressed.

Excessive drug or alcohol

Do you know that marijuana suppresses pituitary gland that regulates testosterone production? Yes, it’s true and when the testosterone production is hampered, it’s natural to experience low sex drive. Then, excessive alcohol consumption, too, can lower the libido in men. It’s because alcohol overdose impairs the nervous system, leading to fatigue that suppresses the urges or sexual desires.

Low self-esteem

Men who worry about their bodies or suffer from low self-esteem can experience low libido. It’s tough to feel aroused while you are unconfident about yourself. The scare of rejection also plays a significant role here. When somebody is afraid of being rejected, it suppresses their self-esteem by a huge extent, leading to low drive.

Improper sleep

Improper sleep is another major factor that is responsible for low sex drive in men. Inadequate sleep up cortisol level which results in low sex-drive. When you are not sleeping properly, it’s natural for you to feel exhausted & less-energetic that is highly linked with your libido levels as fatigue dampens the sexual desires. Again lack of sleep also increases chances of stress & depression.

Erectile Dysfunction

As mentioned earlier, ED is one of the major reasons behind low sex drive in men. In fact, reduced libido is the emotional side-kick of ED. When a man is down with ED, it’s natural for him to get anxious about his body which lowers his self-esteem that in turn depresses his libido as well.

Certain medications

Certain medications prescribed for high BP, depression & some other illnesses could affect the libido highly leading to lowered sex drive in men.

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Old age is like second childhood which demands extra attention and care from the family members. With summer knocking at the door, it’s important that you get all the more careful with seniors in your family as the tropical season can be really taxing for the older people.

Don’t let them go out in noon-time

The sun is at its peak in noon-time and hence it’s better if you don’t allow the seniors to go out during the noon-time. In case, your old man has got some really urgent business outside, request him to handle the affairs early morning or in the afternoon, if possible.

Don’t let them go alone

If the old man needs to go out mid-day only, then do not let them go alone. Try to be by his side or if you are occupied, get an attendant for him. Terrible heat might up his blood pressure, leading to nausea and a sudden faint on-road. It would be terrible if the senior is alone on-road when he faints. Thus, it is wiser to send someone with him as goes out.

Umbrella & comfortable clothing

You should always send an umbrella with him as the old man goes out in day-time. In India, the sun shines bright since 8 in the morning and hence an umbrella is much handy even if the senior is going out in early morning.

You should also be concerned about his clothing as well. Make sure your old man is into light breathable cotton clothing which ensures comfort in the scorching heat outside.

Keep him hydrated

Dehydration is a common issue for older people in summer months as they often forget to take water on time. You must get a set of 3-4 water bottles for your old man so that he can have easy access to water even when one bottle finishes. Apart from water, yoghurt or lassi a day or every alternate day would be really good to keep him cool. As it’s summer, your old man would also appreciate watermelon juice.

Don’t overdo on mango

Summer in India is synonymous with mango- possibly the most delicious fruit of the world. No wonder, your old man craves for the fruit as much as you do. But his aging body would not appreciate too much of mango, leading to stomach issues. Thus, you should be very limited with mango with him. Do not offer him than a slice and that too not everyday.

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Teenagers, especially girls, are usually a little too concerned about their weight. Obesity is a growing concern these days given the lack of physical activities & irregular eating habits. On the other hand, too much of weight loss to up the glam quotient is a gross misconception which unfortunately seems to be prevalent among teen girls. The post here discusses expert tips on teen girl health.

Have a healthy diet

The first maxim of a healthy life is to have a healthy diet. So include lots of fruits and green fresh vegetables in your diet. Do not skip the breakfast as it supplies the needed energy for the rest of the day and saves you from over-binging. As per the doctors, you must make sure to have at least one to two cups of fruits every day.

No crash diets

Do not follow crash diets as you would only end up being sick & malnutrition. Many teen girls today suffer from anorexia and bulimia that although reduce your weight yet make you sick & destroy your glam quotient. Beauty does not signify drastic unnecessary weight loss.

Respect your body

You must understand that different girls carry different builds & all builds have their own beauty appeal. Just because you don’t share the same portfolio as the most popular lass in the class, that doesn’t signify that you are any less beautiful. You should definitely keep your weight in check but do not go over-board with it. There are teen girls who carry a relatively larger portfolio than other girls yet that don’t conclude that they are any less smart or physically inactive. The maxim is to stay “fit”.

Cut down on junk food

Yes, the junk or fast foods are oh-so-irresistible but your body doesn’t feel that way. Common teen problems like acnes & pimples mostly result from these high-fat junk foods. Thus, limit your junk intake to maximum thrice a month and that too at larger intervals. Cut down on soda & sugary drinks as well.

Stay hydrated

As per the doctors, you must get minimum 8 glasses of water everyday. Water helps you to stay hydrated and also flushes of the bad toxins from your body. It will also improve your skin and hair.

Don’t ignore fat altogether

You body needs fat as well and hence you must include little bit of fat in your daily diet. The experts have opined that teen girls should get minimum 1,800 calories daily. A handful of nuts or 2 slices of dark chocolate will compensate for your junk cravings and supply you with the needed fat as well.


You must follow a regular 30 minutes of exercise daily or minimum 5 days a week. Exercise helps you to stay strong, fit, healthy & beautiful. It keeps you in shape and improves blood circulation that adds on the glam glow naturally.

Smile & stay positive

You must smile & stay positive – you have a big life ahead and depression would only bog you down. As Audrey Hepburn famously said- “Happy girls are the pretties”- this is actually true.


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