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Breastfeeding is really vital for the little ones but the mothers should be careful about stopping the practice on time as well. According to experts, a baby must be breastfed for 6 months minimum – some of the moms even go for a year-long nursing. While it’s good to conjoin solid foods with breast milk after 6 months till a year, many moms need to stop breastfeeding after 7 months maximum, which is okay as per doctors. The post below offers tips on how to stop breastfeeding.

Get a plan

It would be easy to get into weaning routine and consequent adjustments if you start by a weaning plan. Set a deadline as when to start and stick to it. You must remember that you can’t stop breastfeeding entirely as decide to wean. You have to go gradual here and it might take a month to introduce complete weaning.

Eliminate one by one

You have to start by eliminating 1 feeding after another and hold on to that elimination for 3-4 days at a stretch before you eliminate the second feeding. Remember the most important sessions are during bedtime, nap-time & morning. These are the most comforting for the baby & must be eliminated at the last. You would start by eliminating least important session for the little. Do not ever eliminate the morning & nighttime nursing sessions together. You might start with the morning one first and if it succeeds, work-on the night-time one.

Don’t initiate

As you proceed with your weaning sessions, your child might forget about the sessions that have been eliminated. In such a situation, don’t take the initiative to remind him or her. If your baby is happy without the session, it implies that the needs are already met.

Substitution or distraction

This is a great weaning technique when you are in the later stages of the process. As you child asks for a nursing session, you can distract him to something interesting for him, such a favorite toy or a snack and so on. You can even take him out for a short walk so that his mind stays diverted for the time being. The trick is to carry the method as the nursing session approaches so that the child stays pre-occupied with other things at the scheduled time. If he is busy with other activities beforehand, he might forget about asking for the feeding as well.


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