Can Kids Get Allergies All Year?

Can Kids Get Allergies All Year?

Seasonal allergies are common in kids but some might also suffer from year-round allergies. If the child shows allergy symptoms even after a change in season, it could be that the little one has perennial allergy. Allergies are triggered when body’s immunity system recognizes some substances as foreign & launches attack, triggering symptoms. A kid can experience allergy to almost everything around, exposed to him such as mold, dust, cold, pet dander & certain foods as well. However, it’s to note here that all-year allergies are mostly due to indoor allergens such as pet saliva or dander, indoor mold & dust mites.

All-year allergy symptoms

The all-year allergy symptoms in children include runny nose, clear mucus, watery, itchy eyes, hives, sneezing & dark circles below the eyes. If your kid has been experiencing any of these symptoms even after the cold months, it could be that he is suffering from perennial allergy.

Talk to pediatrician

If the child is showing symptoms of perennial allergy, you should not delay to make an appointment to your pediatrician. The pediatrician would carry on allergy tests on the child to determine the actual cause of the symptoms. In case, the reason is allergy, the pediatrician might ask you to consult a specialist in allergy.
You will obviously consult the allergy expert but when the all-year allergy is due to in-home allergens, there are some steps that you would have to follow yourself- to reduce exposure to indoor allergens.

Regular cleaning

You must make sure to clean the house regularly. A daily sweep & mop at least once in a day is mandatory to ensure a healthy environment. The experts also advise to go for vacuum cleaners for a thorough cleaning in hard-to-reach places. You must vacuum your house minimum once or twice a month. It’s advised to take to a vacuum cleaner with HEPA filter for better air purification indoors.

Remove carpet & heavy drapes

If your child is having allergic reactions due to dust mite, it’s better not to place carpet in his room. Do not heavy draperies as well. It’s because these heavy things collect comparatively more dirt than floor surface. The bedding must get a weekly wash & should be dried well in hot dryer before placing it on bed. The stuffed toys tend to collect dirt & dust as well. Hence either you have to remove them from your son’s chamber or have to be careful for a timely wash.

Good ventilation

As allergies can be caused from molds & mildew, you must make it sure to maintain proper ventilation throughout the home. Keep the windows open to allow sunlight and fresh air to come in- an airy bright ambience will prevent unnecessary moisture growth in the house that will further prevent the growth of mold & mildew.

Minimize contact with pet

If the allergy specialist or pediatrician has identified pet issues behind allergy problems you must make sure minimal contact with pet fort the child. You might have to consider alternate home for your pet here.

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